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No longer hollering out the back door into the night.
When this web site was first started, there was no way to anticipate that it would become an online community where women from many places could speak out and be heard by a diverse audience around the globe.  We were used to feeling like we were "hollering out the back door into the night."  Belonging to an online community has opened up a new world for us.  Thanks to everyone who is interested in rural women's issues!  These sites have links to the Rural Womyn Zone and many are interesting resources for rural women.

Note June 2005:  This page is no longer being maintained. Some of the links below may no longer work.

The Aspen Institute- May 2000
The Rural Womyn Zone strives to impart refreshing content as well as providing a platform for women's voices. As we reported in our May-June1998 newsletter this site was created to be a positive online community for women in the rural US, Canada and abroad. Thankfully the Rural Womyn Zone continues to be an excellent example of how rural folks can "connect" with others who share common interests. The site includes a section on domestic violence, chat rooms, a rural activist scrapbook, and offbeat rural humor.

Rural Update, May - June 1998
The Web discovery of the month goes to the Rural Womyn Zone; it's well-designed, with content that's more than just pointers to other web sites. This is an example of what a rural individual can do to connect with others who share common interests.  Created to be a positive on-line community for women in the rural U.S., the site includes a section on domestic violence, a rural activist scrapbook, chat rooms, and even rural feminist humor.

Battered Women's Legal Advocacy Project

Brown County Library - Cooler by the Lake Women's Studies

Brown University - Literacy Resources

Building a Better World

Canadian Rural Information Service


Caucus of Non-Government Organisations of the NGO Steering
Committee to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development

Center for the Study of Violence & Reconciliation South Africa

Cyberfem Barbie's Home Page-

Dakota State University Links for Women & Girls

Ecofeminist Resources - Villanova University

Ecological Feminism

Education Wife Assault - Women Abuse Prevention

Erskin Theological Seminary

Feminist Expo 2000 Co-Sponsors

Feminist Studies Collections - Stanford University Libraries/Academic Information Resources

Gender Studies in Agriculture and Rural Development Wageningen Agricultural University

Great Plains Free Net - Saskatchewan

Info Rurale

Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Housing Assistance Council News

Matt Dompim Womyn of Color

Mining Company - Farm Women

Mujeres en Red - Para las Mujeres del Mundo

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Task Force to End Violence Against Women (VAWA)

Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition

New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Northern Arizona University

Northern Lites, Inc. and

Office for Prevention of Domestic Violence, New York State

Orlando Books

PAR-L - Canadian Electronic Feminist Network

Pendelton Cowgirl Company

Rural Information Center - USDA

Safe Network

Seattle NOW

Second International Women in Agriculture Conference

Southern Illinois University Women's Caucus


TEXERE:LifeLines is Dawnelle's online diary

United States Department of Agriculture/

University of Colorado at Denver/ Domestic Violence Issues

University of New Hampshire /Commission on the Status of Women

University of North Carolina - Pembroke - Rural Social Work

University of Rhode Island - Women's Studies

University of Sydney Library - Rural Issues & Sociology

University of Waterloo - Ontario - The Women's Center

University of Wisconsin Women's Studies /Feminist Collections

University of Wisconsin - Syllabus - Gender and Work in Rural America

Utah State Library

Wageningen Agricultural University
Gender Studies in Agriculture and Rural Development
Gender, Agriculture and Rural Development - Internet Resource Links
A web site for rural feminists mainly in the United States but certainly of broader interest. A serious endeavour containing numerous links both to documents and to organizations covering a broad range of items of interest to academics, practitioners and farming feminists!

Western Wisconsin's Online Community
says of the Rural Womyn Zone, "A feminist site that finally deals with issues facing rural women, and their needs. "

Wild Wolf Women of the Web

Women's E-News

Women's Peacepower Foundation

Women's Research Centre - British Columbia

Women's Rural Advocacy Programs

Women's Studies - International Women's Issues

Women's Studies, Women's Issues Resource Sites/University of Maryland Baltimore County

Workfare Fight - International

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